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Sectional Title Surveys

With the promulgation of the Sectional Title Act in 1971, it became possible for the first time in South Africa for portions of buildings to be separately owned. The 1971 act has since been replaced by Sectional Title Act 95 of 1986, and the new act made the Surveyor-General’s office responsible for examining and approving Sectional Plans before they can be accepted in a Deeds Registry for opening a sectional title register.

Plans can be prepared by land surveyors or architects who have passed a special examination, although that sheet of the plan showing the positioning of the buildings in relation to the land, known as the block plan, must be prepared by a land surveyor. The individual sections are shown in relation to the buildings in a simple, diagrammatic manner and the floor area of each section is tabulated. The proportion of the total floor area included in each section is listed and from this is determined the proportional levy each owner has to pay.

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