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Types of Survey

Land Surveying is the science of measuring and mapping relative positions above, on or under the surface of the earth, or establishing such positions from legal or technical documents. Sometimes, one may also consider the Land Surveyor to be a “professional measurer”.

There are many differant types of surveys. Most of the time clients are confused about what they think they require.


Boundary Survey

A boundary survey establishes the true property corners and property lines of a parcel of land. Boundary surveys are typically performed to obtain building approval/permits. survitudes may also be located, if requested, with this type of survey.

Cadastral Survey

Original survey, resurvey, or retracement of property lines.

  • Erf subdivisions
  • Farm subdivisions
  • Consolidation of properties
  • Beacon/boundary relocation
  • Survey of Real rights
  • Property identification certificates
  • Park & street closures
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Construction Survey

Survey measurements made prior to or while construction is in progress to control elevation, horizontal position, dimensions, and configuration, i.e. stakeout of line and grade for buildings, fences, roads, etc.

Control Survey

A Land Survey providing precise locations of horizontal and vertical positions of points for use in boundary determination, mapping for aerial photographs, construction staking, or other needs.


Elevation or Flood-plain Survey

Elevation surveys determine the elevation of various sections of a building or land. Typically these are used to aid in building plans and to determine if a property is in a flood zone.

Geodetic Survey

A Land Survey which is affected by and takes into account the curvature of the earth and astronomic observations. GIS and LIS Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Systems and Land Information Systems.


Sub-Division Survey

Are needed when you may need to divide an existing parcel of land into two or more portions. All surveys for sub-divisions include a plot of the new portion and the required legal description to record the division.

Applications in terms of :

  • Ordinance 15/1986 – Erf subdivisions
  • Ordinance 33/1934 – Erf subdivisions
  • Ordinance 20/1986 – Farm subdivisions
  • Act 70/1970 – Subdivision of Agricultural land
  • Act 21/1940 – Provincial roads
  • Act 7/1998 – National roads

Site Plan Survey

A combination of boundary and topographic surveys for preparation of a site plan to be used for designing improvements or developments, and obtaining government building permits.

woman looking at map while standing on road

Record or As-Built Survey

A survey performed to obtain horizontal and or vertical dimensional data so that a constructed facility may be delineated, i.e. foundation survey, or as-built of improvements. Specifically, an As-Built Survey is a survey to physically locate structures and improvements on a parcel of land. This does not always include boundary monumentation.

Route Survey

Reconnaissance, preliminary survey and location survey for an alignment or linear type feature such as a road, railroad, canal, pipeline or utility line.

yellow and black heavy equipment on brown field during daytime
brown metal sextant

Topographic Survey

A Land Survey locating natural and man made features such as buildings, improvements, fences, elevations, land contours, trees, streams, etc. This type of survey may be required by a government agency, or may be used by Engineers and/or Architects for the design of improvements or developments on a site.

Servitude Surveys

  • Power line servitudes
  • Pipe line servitudes
  • Right of way and access roads
  • Storm water servitudes
  • Borehole servitudes
  • ..and many more
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